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Research Project completed by ICSI-CCGRT

CCGRT - Research Initiative


· Fostering and nurturing research initiatives among members of the Company Secretaries profession and other researchers

· Developing on an on-going basis information and insights into corporate/related laws, their delivery mechanism, need for harmonization/changes in light of emerging realities, corporate governance etc.

· Using thus developed knowledge base for brand building and for purposes of interacting with the government, regulatory bodies and international agencies.


ICSI-CCGRT invites brief and focused research proposals, (not exceeding 1000words) on selected subjects/areas/topics of relevance to the profession. After initial scrutiny at CCGRT, by an internal Committee, these would be sent to independent referees for their comments. To ensure complete transparency and objectivity, the refereeing process would be double blind i.e. the researcher will not know the name of the referee and vice versa.

It is proposed to sponsor basically short duration (say two to three months) focused research from researchers. Funding may vary between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000 per project.


The copyright in the research carried out through this initiative will remain with the Institute. ICSI will retain the right to use the papers/monographs so produced in any way it deems fit, including its publication in Chartered Secretary or as an independent publication.


1. Central Listing Authority.

2. Functions & Role of Private Liquidator.

3. A comparative Analysis of The Companies Act, 1956 vis-a vis Corporate Laws in other countries.

4. Role, Functions and Responsibilities of Independent Directors.

5. WTO and IPRs : Possible Future Scenario.

6. Transformation of Co-operative Societies into Producer Companies.

7. Secretarial Audit.

8. Opening up of the Services Sector - Post WTO Scenario.

9. Capital Market Developments in the Next Five Years-A Road Map.

10. Harmonisation of Laws relating to Securities.

11. Corporate Governance - Need for Harmonisation of Companies Act with Listing Agreement.

12. Mergers & Amalgamation.

13. Buy Buck of Shares & its Impact.

14. Workers Participation in Management in the Context of Company Law.

15. Postal Ballot

16. Need for Changes/Simplification of Laws relating to Creation of Charges.

17. National Company Law Tribunal.

18. Arbitration and Conciliation Act & its Role in the Delivery of Justice in India.

19. Impact of Internet on Functioning of Companies -On Line Voting & Board Meeting Trough Video Conferencing.

20. Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets.

21. Business Process Outsourcing - Legal Aspects.

22. Employees Stock Option Schemes.

23. Revisiting the Companies Act.

24. Model Listing Agreement

25. Emerging Role of Company Secretaries in International Markets in a globalised environment

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