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Chairman’s Message….!

“Do not save what is left after spending but spend what is left after saving.” – Warren Buffett 


Dear Members and Students,


We all would agree to it that it’s not your salary but it’s your spending habit that can make you rich. We often spend our hard earned money to buy things that we neither want nor needed but only to impress others. But actually, successful & rich are those who think and spend their time as valuable as currency.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest in the long run and we professionals always invest our time and enthusiasm in updation and sharing of knowledge. The ICSI examinations were conducted across different locations in the first half of the June month. The following PDP programmes & activities were organised after the completion of the examinations and the first mega event was PCS Day Celebration:

a.  Peer Review Awareness Programme & PCS Day Celebration held on Saturday, 15th June at ICSI-EIRC House.
b.  133rd Management Skills Orientation Programme
c.  Yoga Day Celebration held on Friday, 21st June at ICSI-EIRC House
d.  Full Day Seminar on the theme “Gearing Up for the Next Level…” held on Saturday, 22nd June at The Park.
e.   Study Circle Meeting on “Overview of Valuation – An Emerging area” held on Saturday, 29th June at ICSI-EIRC House.
The 50 hours Education Course for the Valuation of Securities or Financial Assets has started at EIRC and we hope to organise more batches in future.
The month of July will be celebrated as Students Month and I believe the Team EIRO will leave no stone unturned to retain its Numero Uno Position, this year too.
We have received very encouraging response from our members and patrons for the Annual Membership Scheme but there are many members who are yet to enrol. Please register on an early date to avail optimum benefits as the mega events of the Regional Council are slated to be held in the coming months. 
Before concluding, just to remind you all that we should always beware of little unnecessary expenses because a small leak can sink a big ship. So save intelligently and spend judiciously. 
Please feel free to share your views and suggestions for the betterment of the Newsletter to me. My coordinates are given below.

With warm regards,



CS Rajesh Chura

Chairman, EIRC of ICSI

E-Mail: csrajeshchura2018@gmail.com