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“The difference between what we do and we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. – Mahatma Gandhi” 

 Dear Professional Brothers and Sisters, 

 At the outset, let me congratulate my fellow young Company Secretaries for the courage and steel shown by them in light of a very recent amendment implemented in Companies Act, 2013. Also, I must deeply appreciate the efforts of senior fellow Company Secretaries for guiding the young members of the Institute through this challenging phase. Remember, a ship is safe in harbour; but that is not what the ships are built for. The increase in limit of paid up share capital requirement for an obligatory appointment of Company Secretary in a Company was done with one eye on “Easy of doing Business” and another on attaining objective of ensuring better compliances by Corporates in general. Friends, this amendment will not only increase the opportunities for Company Secretaries in Practise but will also ensure deliverables like expanding one’s work profile beyond company law compliances, which our brothers and sisters in the employment fraternity, are capable of delivering. 

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