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13, 56 & 57, JOLLY MAKER CHAMBERS NO. 2 (1st & 5th FLOOR)
NARIMAN POINT, MUMBAI - 400021, Phone - 61307919
Office Timings: 10.15am to 4pm Monday to Saturday (2nd & 4th Saturday Holiday)
Email : Landline No. : 022- 61307919 / 61307900

List of Officials / Co-ordinators:

1) S K Nagar, Regional Director, e-mail id:

2) Mr. Anil Tale, Assistant Director, e-mail id:
Overall In-Charge Member Program / Oral Tution Classes, Focus e-newsletter, Library

3) CA Naveen Bhageria, Assistant Director (F&A), e-mail id:
Overall In-Charge Finance and Accounts

4) Mr. Pramod Keot, Executive Assistant, e-mail id:
Assistant for Finance and Accounts

5) Ms. Vimala Jogadia, Senior Executive Assistant, e-mail id:
In-Charge Career Awareness and Examination (for Mumbai), Website Updation

6) Ms. Archana Sawant, Executive Assistant email id:
In-Charge Members Program, Placement, Library

7) Ms. Bhavna Rakte, Executive Assistant, e-mail id:
In-Charge Students Training Program

8) Mr. Bannashankar Dasari, e-mail id : /
In-Charge Oral Tuition Classes / Oral Coaching

9) Mr. Bharat Kumar Rathod, e-mail id :

Students are requested to make calls between 10.15am to 4.00 pm from Monday to Saturday (2nd & 4th Saturday Holiday) only.

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