ICSI has established the Company Secretaries Benevolent Fund (CSBF) in the year 1976 which seeks to create big security umbrella to derive comfort and Security

Benevolent Fund - We Care

Looking towards Secure Future

The Fund provides assistance for education/medical or for any other similar purpose in deserving cases to the

  • Members of the ICSI
  • Dependents of the deceased members
  • The financial assistance upto Rs. 60,000 is provided to the members for medical expenses for self or dependents in deserving cases on receipt of request.
  • Financial assistance for education at the rate of Rs. 40,000/- per child (subject to maximum of two children) in deserving cases is provided to minor children of the deceased members.
  • As a member of the Fund upto the age of 60 years it covers the member's future through the Group Life Insurance Policy for a sum of Rs. 7,50,000 to the dependents of the deceased member of the Fund from the CSBF. The dependants of the deceased member above 60 years of age are provided financial assistance upto Rs. 3,00,000/- from the fund in deserving cases.
  • The assistance is provided in minimum time possible.

Details of the Benevolent Fund

  • Fund is a society registered with the Registrar of Societies, New Delhi
  • Fund is managed by the Committee consisting of 12 members
  • President , Vice President and Secretary of the ICSI are ex-officio members of the Managing Committee of the Fund
  • The Fund is recognised under the Section 12 A of the Income Tax Act.

Advantages to you

  • Contribution to the Fund is a noble cause.
  • Members of the ICSI after becoming the member of CBSF get the additional security shield for the life.
  • Contribution to the Fund qualify for the deduction under section 80-G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

... And it's all so easy

  • You have just to fill up a form provided here to become a member of the Fund.
  • You have to pay a small amount of Rs.10,000/- as a one time contribution for your life membership of the Fund.
  • You have to provide the names of the dependants.
  • You can deposit the form at Headquarter or with any Regional Council/Chapter
  • The cheque / Demand draft has to be drawn in favour of Company Secretaries Benevolent Fund. The application has to be made to the Secretary of the ICSI


Members Can purchase the Copy of Member List From Ajmer Chapter of NIRC of ICSI on Payment of Rs. 300/-.

Contact: 0145-2425013