ICSI Teachers' Conf. - 2023 (16-09-2023)

77th Independence Day Celebration (15-08-23)

International Yoga Day Celebration (21-06-23)

PCS Day Celebrations (17-06-2023)

Inaugural Session of 01st Batch of 15 Days Classroom CLDP

Inaugural Session of 15th Batch of 15 Days Class Room EDP

Seminar of IEPF Compliances (20-05-2023)

Capital Markets Week Program (28-04-2023)

57th MSOP Valedictory (22-03-2023)

International Women's Day Celebrations (11-03-2023)

Inaugural Session of 57th MSOP (03-03-2023)

Republic Day Celebrations - 2023

CSPL - 2023 (Box Cricket Tournament) on 15-01-2023 at Sports Villa, Nirman Nagar Jaipur

NBFC Conference on 07-01-2023 at Hotel Holiday Inn, 22 Godam, Jaipur

1st ICSI Academic Collobration by Jaipur Chpater with Suresh Gyan Vihar University on 25-08-2022 

ODOP 23-08-2022 at Jaipur Chapter

Mega CSBF Drive - 2022 on 15-08-2022  Independence Day Celebration

ODOP 04-08-2022 at Japur Chapter

Career Awareness Program on 01-08-2022  at Shri Madan Lal Biyani Girl's Senior Secondary School, Siker

Career Awareness Program at Krishna Modern Public School on 30-07-2022

Career Awareness Program at Shri M R Bohra Government Sr. Secondary Girls School, Vatika on 30-07-2022

Career Awareness Program at Senior Secondary School, Vatika on 30-07-2022

Career Awareness Program on 29-07-2022 at M N. Modern Senior Secondary School , Jaipur

Career Awareness Program on 29-07-2022 at The Modern Happy Senior Secondary School, Jaipur

Career Awareness Program on 28-07-2022 at Modern Senior Secondary School Jaipur

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on 27-07-2022

ICSI - NIRC Rajasthan State Conference 23-07-2022 at Jaipur

Trainee Placement Drive 20-07-2022

Zero Grievance Day celebrated at Jaipur Chapter on 19-07-2022

Rajasthan Patrika Career Fair 15-17July.2022.

ODOP 12-07-2022

Placement Drive 11-07-2022

54th MSOP Valedictory 09-07-2022

eve of GST day 30-06-2022

54th MSOP Batch Inaugural 23-06-22

PCS DAY 15-06-2022

Plantations Drive 09-06-2022

Study Circle Meeting 28-05-2022

Sarathi -Webinar GST Amendments 17-04-2021

CSPL - 2022 on 30th April & 01st May 2022

Full Day Seminar on 29-04-2022 (President visit)

Participation in Free Health Check-up and Mega Blood Donation Camp on Saturday, 16-04-2022

Workshop on IPR on 26-03-2022 at Indiana Pride, Hotel

53rd MSOP Batch Valedictory 25-03-2022

AU Bank Jaipur Marathon 13th Edition on Sunda 13-03-2022 

International Women's Day Celebration on 08-03-2022 at Hotel, Grand Uniara

Webinar on 05-03-2022

Webinar on 21-02-2022 PPT

Seminar on Union Budget 02-02-2022 at Chapter Premises.

73rd Republic Day Celebration on 26-01-2022 at Chapter

ICSI NIRC Convocation (Second) at B M Birla, 28-12-2021

Two Days ICSI NIRC Regional Confer 20-21 Nov, 2021

52nd MSOP  Batch  (Valedictoryl )  27-11-2021

52nd MSOP  Batch  (Inaugural )  12-11-2021

4th  EDP  Batch  10-11-202

PDP on 26-10-2021 Physical Mode)

ODOP Batch 23-10-2021 (Physical Mode)

ODOP Batch 16-10-2021 (Physical Mode)

Interactive Meet with Council Member, 15-10-2021

Interactive Meet with RD, North & ROC 12-10-2021

ODOP Batch 30-09-2021 (Virtual Mode)

ODOP Batch 23-09-2021 (Virtual Mode)

2 Days Seminar on PCS Induction Program 11 & 12 Sept, 2021

Renewal of ICSI Study Center at Biyani college on 07-09-2021

One Day Program on International Literacy Day 08-09-2021 (Virtual Mode)

8th ODOP Batch on 15th Sept.2021 for Executive Students ( Virtual Mode)

Webinar- Opportunities for CS under POSH Act 2013 and How to Handel Complaints and virtual/visual sexual harassment- 04.09.2021

7th ODOP Batch on 27-08-2021 for Executive Students ( Virtual Mode)

15 Days Class Room EDP Batch 3rd Batch 24-08-2021 (Virtual Mode)

75th Independence Day 15-08- 2021

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Celebrated at Jaipur Chapter on 27-07-2021

Student Month Acitivity- Zero Girevence Day -Samhadahan Diwas 19-07-2021

Student Month Activity - Kargil Victory Day 26-07-2021

Student Month Activity - World Population Day - Debate Competition - 12-07-2021 

Webinar- "Career Opportunities For Company Secretaries in Litigation Under GST" 01-07.2021

Van Mahotsav celebration 1st July,2021

Celebrating Students' Month July 2021

Webinar-  "NBFC - A Boon or A Bane for The Indian Economy" 30.06.2021

Webinar-  "Role of PCS  - Issue, Transfer and Reporting of Equity Instruments under FDI" 19.06.2021

Webinar-  "Secretarial Audit " 17.06.2021

Webinar-  "Scope for PCS as Registered Valuers" 16.06.2021

Webinar-  "Key Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions" 14.06.2021

Webinar- Non Academic - "Coexisting with Covid- 02.06.2021

Vaccination Drive 01-06-2021 at Fortis Covaxin

Online Workshop- The Magic of Yoga 01.06.2021 to 30-06-2021

Webinar 05-05-2021 Helping Each other

Sarathi - Webinar Tax Law 22-04-2021

Webinar 26-04- 2021 - NSDL

Flyer Corporate Membership Scheme 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022

Flyer SCM 26-03-2021

SCM 26-03-2021

Flyer SCM 25-03-2021

SCM 25-03-2021

Flyer HDS 21-03-2021

HDS (Half Day Seminar) 21-03-2021 at Hotel Bella Casa

Flyer SCM 18-03-2021

Flyer HDS 08-03-2021

HDS  (International Women's Day Celebration) 08.03.2021 at Hotel The Fern

Flyer SCM 05-03-2021

SCM 05-03-2021

4th Batch- ODOP Executive Training Prog 23-02-2021

15 Days Classroom  EDP from 03-03-2021 (Batch- 1)

CAP at KV No. 6 Pratap Nagar, on 18-02-2021 (2nd)

CAP at KV No. 6 Pratap Nagar, on 18-02-2021 (1st)

3rd Batch- ODOP Executive Training Prog 17-02-2021

2nd Batch- ODOP Executive Training Prog 11-02-2021

1st Batch- DOP Executive Training Prog 10-02-2021

Flyer HDS 06-02-2021

Photos of Half Day Seminar on Union Budget on 06-02-2021

Photos of  Republic Day Celebration  26th January 2021

Republic Day Celebration  26th January 2021.

Flyer SCM 17-01-2021

Study Circle Meeting on " Role of CS in Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code " 17th January 2021.

Webinar on " Insider Trading - A Capital Markets Crime " 15th December 2020.

Webinar on " Dematerialization of Companies, Evoting and other Issuer Services of NSDL " 8th December 2020.

Webinar on " How to Mitigate the Inherent Risk in the Profession 27th November 2020.

Webinar on Practical aspects of Intellectual Property 13th November 2020.

Webinar on Overview of Rajasthan Apartment Ownership Act. 06th November 2020.

Webinar on Moot Court Session, 29th October 2020.

Webinar on Issue , Transfer  and  Reporting of Equity Instruments Undre FDI & Establishment of Liaison,Branch and Project Office in India  23rd October 2020.

Webinar on Empowering KMP with Special Focus on Governance by CS on Jaipur Chapter Foundation Day 16th October 2020.

Webinar on Revival of Company by NCLT- Section 252 on 09th October 2020

Webinar on Governance: From Grassroots to Globel on 03rd Oct,  2020

Webinar on Fit Indai - Fit ICSI on 03rd October 2020

Webinar on Impact of Covid-19 ... On Profession on 29th-Sept-2020

Webinar on Recovery of Bad Debts & Blocked Investment and Filing of IEPF Form on 18th Sept, 2020

Webinar on Challanges in Virtual Meetings on 11th Sept, 2020

Webinar on RTI Act, 2005: Salient Features & Implementation on 4th Sept 2020

Webinar on Decoding The Proposed Amendments in IBC  28-Aug-2020

Webinar on Recent Amendments in Rajasthan - RERA  21-Aug-2020

Webinar on Responsibility of Professionals while Conducting Internal Secretarial & others Audits of PSU's  14- Aug-2020

Webinar on Opportunity for CS in Banking  and New MSME Scheme for Professionals  08-Aug-2020

World Nature Conservation Day-Massive Tree Plantation Drive On 28th July 2020

Webinar on Cyber Crime and Cyber Laws 24 July 2020

Webinar on Managing the business of Corporte Debtor under IBC- Challaneges and Latest Amendment in IBC on 17th July 2020

Webinar on Decoding Practical Issues in GST on 11th July, 2020

Webinar on Role of Professional in Banking/NBFC/MSME on 29th June, 2020

Webinar on PCS Day Celebration on15th June, 2020

Webianr on Role of Professional in Aatam Nirbhar Bharat on 06th June, 2020

Webinar - Series of webinar 15th May, 23rd May and 30th May 2020

CS Flyer-Do You Know?


Full Day Seminar29th Feb. 2020 

Photos of 2 Days Seminar 22-23 Feb 2020

Training of Police Officials Jointly by Jaipur Chapter of ICSI and Rajasthan Police Academy, Jaipur

44th Foundation Day of Jaipur Chapter

50th MSOP Velidictory of jaipur chapter

50th MSOP Inaugural at Jaipur Chapter

Walkathon on 04th October 2019

NCLT Workshop at Hotel Zone Palace, Jaipur on 19th July to 21st July 2019

49th MSOP Photographs

48th MSOP Valedictory Photographs

48th MSOP Inaugural Photographs

PCS Day Celebration on 15th June 2019 at Jaipur Chapter

Awareness Programme on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 on 25th May 2019

47th MSOP Valedictory Photographs (11-05-2019)

47th MSOP Inaugural (25-04-2019)

Health Awareness Programme on 06th April 2019

Study Circle Meeting & CSBF Night on 23rd March 2019

46th MSOP Valedictory at Jaipur Chapter

Women's Day 2019 Celebrations at Jaipur Chapter

46th MSOP Inaugural at Jaipur Chapter

Republic Day celebrations at Jaipur Chapter on 26th Jan. 2019

Independence Day (15th August 2018) Celebrations

MSOP Inaugural (09-07-2018)

NBFC Conclave (30-06-2018)

PCS Day Celebrations (15-06-2018)

NIRC Seminar (19-05-2018)

MSOP Inaugural (11-05-2018)

MSOP Valedictory (24-03-2018)

MSOP Inaugural (09-03-2018)

Women's Day Celebration (08-03-2018)

Republic Day Celebration at Jaipur Chapter on 26.01.2018

ICSI Largest Taxation Session at Jaipur on 16.01.2018