Workshop (3,6 & 7 January, 2024)

- Recent amendment in LODR final-LN Joshi Ji 03.01.2024



--------------------------------------------------------------- Old Programs PPTs-----------------------------------------

FDS 19.03.2023

PPT on Compliance before 31st March

FDS 04.03.2023

PPT on SDD by CS Niraj Trivedi

PPT on FCRA by CS Niraj Trivedi



HDS 10.09.2022

Recent amendments in Schedule III and CARO reporting


FDS 28.05.2022

PPT of CS Anshul Jain-Managerial Remuneration

PPT of CS Dr. D K Jain-Amendment in Schedule III


13.05.2022 & 14.05.2022-SAPTDASH SAMMELAN

PPT of CA Tarun Mahajan-Valuation under Companies Act, 2013

PPT of CS Dr. DK Jain- Adjudication & Compounding  of Offences

PPT of CS B Narasimhan- Recognition for CS in Capital Market

PPT of CS Ranjeet Kejriwal- Taxation on Corporate Actions

PPT of CS R Kalidas-Corporate Governance

PPT of Adv Sanjay Buch-Merger


old Webinars PPTs

PPT of Webinar 07.03.2022- CS Sachin Jain

PPT of Webinar 07.03.2022- CS Sachin Jain

PPT of Webinar 27.05.2021- Insight of RPT by CS S Sudhakar

PPT of Webinar 28.05.2021- Critical Aspects of Directors Report and Annual Compliances by CS Amita Desai

PPT of Webinar 02.06.2021- Relaxations and Recent Amendments in Companies Act, 2013 by CS Deepak Amrutkar

PPT of Webinar 03.06.2021- All About Dividend by CS P C Agrawal

PPT of Webinar 08.06.2021- Secretarial Audit by CS Vinita Nair

PPT of Webinar 27.09.2021- Overview of Annual Compliances by CS Dr. D K Jain


SRAJAN 2.0-E Bulletin of Indore Chapter-May 2022