A Few Words about Us

The Palace City of Mysore always knows as a seat of knowledge, started to grow industrially in the late 1970s. The Mysore Chapter was founded on 8th March 1980, and since then, the voyage of Mysore chapter has kept phase with the industrial growth of Mysore. The chapter at present has 79 members and more than 1500 students.

The unstinted support of members, dedicated services of office bearers and commitments of the students of the Chapter through all these years has helped the Chapter to sustain its unique presence and position among professional institutes in this region. The Chapter is one of the most vibrant chapters of ICSI and has been adjudged as the best chapter in its grade for the year 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012 & 2013. In recent years, the Chapter has witnessed rapid growth in all segments.

Professional Development Programs :

Mysore Chapter, though having a small number of members, has proved time and again that it is not the numbers but the quality which makes all the difference. The programs conducted by the Mysore Chapter covered varying ranges of profession subjects and topics.

Student Activities

Irrespective of its financial position, Mysore Chapter has been an excellent source of encouragement for the students. The members have been relentlessly putting efforts in spreading the importance of the course among students and industries through various means and methods, like Direct and Surrogate media publicity, Career Guidance Programs, Appointment of Counselors etc.

Students are the backbone of the Chapter. Effective student involvement during the recent years has further boosted the Chapter activities. The Chapter encourages multi-skill development of its students by conducting different competitions. By conducting programs throughout the year, students of the Chapter are given hands on training in organizing seminars and presentations. The students are also being encouraged to attend seminars organized by other Chapters of ICSI.

The Students of the Chapter have made us proud by consecutively winning the national level competitions conducted by the Head Quarters every Year.



In 1996, Mysore was confirmed as an Examination Centre. Since then the Chapter has been conducting oral coaching classes. The pass percentage of the students of the Chapter has always been better than the National Average. Various awards have been instituted at Chapter level for encouraging meritorious students.

In December 2003, June 2009, December 2009, June 2010, December 2010, June 2011, December 2012, December 2013 & June 2014 examinations 10 students of Mysore Chapter have secured ranks.

Other Activities

The Chapter has developed a lasting bondage between its members, students and their families by periodical family get together coupled with cultural programs. The Chapter has also organized various memorable educational trips for students and members. The chapter celebrates Independence Day and Republic Day every year. Sports Day and Talents day have become regular events for the chapter where members and students participate with equal enthusiasm.

Public Relations

The Chapter has always recognized the importance of Media in propagating ICSI Course among the students and their guardians. The chapter has been issuing press notes at regular intervals covering all the important events. Facilities of All India Radio, Cable TV Channels, Newspapers etc. are being thoroughly utilized.

The Chapter never misses an opportunity to popularize the institute. It has been providing logistic support for holding programs to various institutes and organizations like Institute of Valuers, SDM Institute of Management Development, Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Limited, SJCE Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Park, ISACA, State Bank of India, University of Mysore, Rotary Clubs etc. Further, various dignitaries have been visiting the Chapter.

Housekeeping and infrastructure

There has been an all round marked improvement in the functioning of the chapter in the recent times. To handle the increased number of students, the chapter has moved to the own building in the year 2011 with auditorium, class rooms & study room facilities. The library of the chapter was also revamped.

e-initiatives :

The Chapter started its own e-Newsletter in December 2003, which has been very well accepted in the professional community. The e-newsletter reaches more than 25000 professionals across the country and has received lot of appreciation from its readers. It has created a platform for students and members to express themselves, to share their thoughts, experiences and knowledge. The Chapter has been a trendsetter for starting such innovative ways of spreading knowledge.

Website of the Chapter, www.icsi.edu/mysore is very informative and has many useful links. It is updated regularly. Since August 2007, the Chapter has launched its online discussion forum which has been very well received by the professionals across the country.