ICSI International Conference held at Hong Kong

Presentations & Speaches

31st National Convention Seminar Other Events
Shri P K Vijay Changing Corporate Ethos(Student))(Hyderabad,23.8.2003) Thinking Visionary (Chandigarh, 8th June,2003)
Valedictory Session Changing Corporate Ethos(Member)(Hyderabad,23.8.2003) Thinking Visionary (Faridabad, June 2003)
Open House session Companies Amendment Bill(CA)(Raipur,2nd Aug 2003) Foundation Day (Delhi,22 Nov 2003)
34th National Convention Companies Amendment Bill(Student) (Raipur,2nd Aug 2003) NSE Brokers Association (22 Nov 2003)
Anil k Agarwal Companies Amendment Bill(Members)(Raipur,2nd Aug 03) Globalization of Profession(Delhi,22nd Nov 2003)
B B Chatterjee Companies Amendment Bill(Member)(Bangalore,27.5.2003) State Conf.of UPon Corp. Law Updates Kanpur, 11.10.2003
D N V Anne Seminar on Companies Amendement Bill(Indore,28.9.2003) Opening of New Chapter (Thane,2.10.2003)
Dilip M Sarwate Symposium on "Vision for professional India and Corporate India by the year 2020 - Speach of Chief Guest-Dr A P J Abdul Kalam 9.1.2008 Presidents Visit (Thrissur,Trivandrm,Coimbator,Calicut)Oct 2003
G J Raman ICSI- INSOL training Programme 1.12.2007 Emerging Trends in Corporate Laws (Bhopal, 27.9. 2003)
Geteria ICSI- INSOL training Programme 1.12.2007(Bob Jacob) Product Cost Analysis(18th Sep with ICWAI, Hyatt Regency)
Ghanshyam Dass Global Company Secretary
Jyotin Mehta Foundation of Indian Indusries and Economists (July,2003)
Varsha Presidents Meeting with Members(Students)Pune,17.6.2003)
Y S Mallik 5th PCS Conference
(Bangalore, 4.4.2003)
Programme at NIRC (Delhi,4.4.2003)
Programme at NIRC (Delhi,4.4.2003)
PCS Programme(Ahmedabad,24.2.2003)